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Chemical Weed Control

Currently chemical control is one of the most common methods to reduce and/or eliminate woody weeds and unwanted trees on agricultural land. However, there are specific limitations to chemical control – including the ability for chemicals to drift which means the treatment is not concentrated at the source and drifting chemicals can also negatively impact the surrounding environment. They cannot be administered in windy conditions and personal protective equipment is required.

BHA’s chemical herbicide weed control uses BHA’s  mechanised technology to insert a water soluble capsule containing dry powder or granules of a suitable chemical herbicide/s into a hole prepared in the stem of the target weed or unwanted tree and sealing of the hole. The innovation offers an environmentally safer means of controlling weed trees in that a small dose is precisely placed in the target tree and not distributed into the general environment.

BHA’s chemical herbicides – How they work

  • Safe delivery of dry herbicide formulations in soluble capsules
  • Delivered via a hand held easy-to-use applicator
  • The herbicides are introduced directly to the tree stem to cause quick deterioration and tree death
  • Can be applied in all weather conditions and there is no chemical drift to other areas
  • Does  not require protective equipment as there is no exposure to the user

Current BHA chemical herbicides include:




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