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Weed Control: Parkinsonia

A new safer, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly biological herbicide control method for Parkinsonia.


Di-Bak Parkinsonia

BHA is the first company in Australia to commercialise a proven, naturally-occurring bioherbicide (Di-Bak Parkinsonia) for the control of  Parkinsonia aculeata, a Weed of National Significance (WoNS).

Di-Bak Parkinsonia is the revolutionary new environmentally-friendly control method for managing, and potentially eradicating, the noxious woody weed Parkinsonia.

Developed over fifteen years by researchers at The University of Queensland, Di-Bak Parkinsonia capsules are manufactured by BioHerbicides Australia (BHA) and are available commercially. APVMA Approval No:68348/58200

Di-Bak Parkinsonia is a biological herbicide produced in capsule form,
containing a combination of naturally occurring fungal pathogens that kill off the woody weed by inducing dieback disease.

The capsules are inserted into the tree with an easy to use hand-held applicator where they are sealed with a plug ensuring safe and effective placement. The capsule dissolves, releasing the biological agent into the vascular system of the tree, killing it from the inside. The process offers a direct hit on the weed with minimal environmental impact.

Di-Bak Parkinsonia was trialled with cattle producers, government departments and NRM groups, and is supported by Meat & Livestock Australia.

To purchase Di-Bak Parkinsonia products get in touch with our distributor, ADAMA to find your nearest retail store.

Download our guide on Transporting and storing Di-Bak Biologicals here.

The advantages of Di-Bak Parkinsonia

  • Developed specifically for the control of Parkinsonia
  • APVMA approved
  • Effective and long term (controls trees and seedlings and will spread through the Parkinsonia population)
  • Economical
  • Species-specific
  • Easy to use (just need a jar of capsules, a drill and plugs)
  • Safe to apply
  • Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
  • Designed in Australia for our conditions
  • Tried, tested and proven over 15 years of research
  • Backed by the cattle industryInexpensive to apply
  • Can be used along waterways and where chemical/mechanical control is not suitable
  • Year-round application (can be done in downtime)
  • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or integrated with other weed management controls

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Inspecting Parkinsonia thicket
Parkinsonia thorns