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Welcome to BioHerbicides Australia

Combining science with nature to give landowners the winning edge over weedy pests and non-productive land.

BioHerbicides Australia (BHA) has demonstrated that its unique products can kill woody weeds on pastoral land, parklands and tree plantations without the need for invasive mechanical clearing or potentially dangerous chemical spraying. Our inoculation method delivers capsules containing either a biological agent or chemical compounds directly into the tree stem – causing effective tree death in an economical and efficient manner.  

Latest News

We have re-opened our store so you can purchase directly through BHA.  By combining high efficacy with low environmental impact and excellent operator safety, Di-Bak AM represents the future of effective and environmentally responsible vegetation management.

New Product Line

BioHerbicides Australia is continuing to develop new products such as other herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and nutrients. These products are currently available, by getting in contact with BHA as they are supplied under APVMA Permit until registration approval.  


BHA’s bioherbicides consist of one or a combination of specific fungi which have been isolated from weeds growing naturally Australia that exhibited die back disease. The fungi are grown on a substrate (carrier) in sterile conditions until fully colonised. The inoculum is then encapsulated or compacted to a dosage form that is stable and conveniently delivered to the weed to induce dieback. The product is administered by drilling a hole slightly larger in diameter than a capsule into the trunk of the weed. Moisture within the drill wound reactivates fungal growth with subsequent fungal colonisation of the target tree.

Chemical Herbicides:

BHA’s chemical herbicides consist of one or more chemical compounds currently proven for woody weed control. The unique delivery of these products in a soluble capsule dose provides a targeted control method with no chemical exposure to the environment or the user. These control methods have been specifically developed for unique Australian conditions and are:

  • Environmentally-sound
  • Safe to handle
  • Non-toxic and harmless to native vegetation, animals, and humans
  • Designed for specific and defined land conditions to maximise efficacy.

BHA is working with the University of Queensland and the agricultural industry in order to reduce and eradicate some of Australia’s greatest weed threats. BHA is located at the Gatton Campus of the University of Queensland, Warrego Highway, Gatton, and is affiliated with the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

– Effective control of woody weeds and unwanted trees is a capsule away –