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Di-Bak H (Hexazinone)

Benefits of BHA technology

  • Safe delivery of herbicides directly into tree stem through injecting capsule
  • Capsules contain powdered herbicide which is released once injected
  • No exposure of chemicals to the user
  • Safe to use all year round and near waterways
  • Easy delivery through hand-held applicator

About Hexazinone

  • It is active against many broadleaf weeds and some woody weeds but has little activity against grasses.
  • It is readily absorbed through roots and leaves and has been successfully applied as a stem injection or as cut and spray on larger susceptible trees.
  • Considered highly active against eucapylpts while many pines are tolerant.
  • Stem injections can be applied any time of year but are preferable during times of good sap flow.
  • This herbicide is only translocated apoplastically (upwards).
  • It is water soluble and does not readily bind to soil so can be a threat to ground water.
  • It is degraded slowly by microbial action and is also resistant to photolysis or general soil chemical reactions.
  • The half-life in soil is at least 90 days.

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How does Hexazinone work?

  •  Hexazinone is a triazinone inhibitor of Photosystem II (Herbicide Group C) of photosynthesis.
  • It interferes with electron transport from QA to QB leading to electrons being diverted to creation of toxic reactive molecules leading to death of chloroplasts.
  • This starts a chain reaction leading to death of cells and tissue.
  • It is systemic and moves readily through the xylem to the foliage.

The concentration of active Hexazinone in DI-Bak H means it can work directly on the weed stem or trunk in a targeted manner with maximum efficacy.

Di-Bak H is comprised of 750g/kg HEXAZINONE in a capsule dose (350mg per capsule).