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Di-Bak AM (Aminopyralid/Metsufuron methyl)

Benefits of BHA technology

Refer to the section on Di-Bak M (metsulfuron-methyl) for information on this component of Di-Bak AM. About Aminopyralid

  • This pyridine carboxylic acid is a close chemical relative to picloram and triclopyr and is considered more potent but more selective.
  • It is systemic and moves to the meristematic tips of shoots and roots.
  • It is considered to be highly active against plants in the families Asteraceae, Leguminosae and Solanaceae but is not limited to these families as activity has been reported against certain plants on other families.
  • It is stable in water and resistant to anaerobic degradation but is rapidly degraded by photolysis
  • Although it is highly soluble aminopyralid it displays limited movement in the soil profile.

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How does aminopyralid work?

  • Aminopyralid is a mimic of the natural plant auxin hormone indole acetic acid which binds to specific cell receptors to regulate cell processes.
  • In susceptible plants the hormonal overdose caused by treatment with aminopyralid leads to uncontrolled cell division and disorganised growth that leads to death.
  • Plant growth is quickly stopped within 48hr of treatment