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Di-Bak G Herbicide is a new twist on an old favourite herbicide that offers new levels of environment and operator safety combined with high efficacy in providing control of over 30 species of shrubs and trees. This is achieved at dosages lower than previous methods of applying glyphosate. Di-Bak G is used primarily in vegetation management applications such as railroads, utility substations and roadside rights-of-way, among others. Di-Bak G may also be used for weed tree and wilding control in forestry plantations. It is very suitable for sensitive areas like riparian zones or parks.

Di-Bak G is a dry formulation of the active ingredient glyphosate, which is recognised as one of the most effective and broad spectrum herbicides available. The herbicide is enclosed within a water-soluble capsule which is inserted into and sealed within the tree stem using a proprietary applicator (the Injecta system). Only the treated tree is affected. Once sealed within the tree, the sap dissolves the capsule and herbicide and translocates the herbicide throughout the vascular system of the tree to the sites of activity.

Di-Bak G is a systemic herbicide that acts by interfering in protein production by inhibiting the enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPS) which is involved in the synthesis of essential aromatic amino acids.

Peter Riikonen, CEO for Bioherbicides Australia said “Di-Bak G is ideal for tree management customers seeking to reduce chemical use in an environmentally sustainable way combined with improved operator safety. It really offers a new approach for controlling problem trees and shrubs”.

“Only the Injecta/Di-Bak G’s technology allows treatment under many different weather conditions and in challenging terrain. PPE requirements are very low and there is no special preparation or need to dispose of waste chemical. This means you will achieve targeted tree killing, with less chemical, than ever before, reducing your cost of doing business and your environmental footprint”, Peter said.

Many herbicides are degraded quickly by sunlight if they remain on the soil surface before rainfall allows them to bind with soil particles. In contrast, Di-Bak G is protected from photodegradation by sealing within the tree trunk. This application method allows great flexibility in application timing relative to rainfall. As long as the tree is actively transpiring then Di-Bak G should be expected to be moved within the tree.

Di-Bak G offers vegetation management customers greater efficacy, improved safety and reduced environmental impact. Available in bottles of 1000 capsules, Di-Bak G Herbicide and the Injecta Applicator are available now!

Di-Bak G Herbicide now available

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