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Chemical Herbicides

For the control of tree weeds and unwanted tree plants in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial and public service areas.

Di-Bak G Herbicide Capsules 200 Capsules


Di-Bak G Herbicide Capsules 1000 Capsules


Di-Bak G Package



Di-Bak Parkinsonia Bioherbicide has been developed to control the weed Parkinsonia aculeata. The three fungi, belonging to the family Botryosphaeriaceae, have been isolated from plants afflicted with a naturally occurring disease known as parkinsonia dieback, which can be lethal to the plant. Ordinarily the fungi cause low-levels of infection among Parkinsonia trees, however the formulated capsule is to be inserted into a hole drilled in the stem of the tree and sealed within, thereby leading to more effective infection whilst also minimising fungal exposure to end-users and the environment. The fungi are known to be native to and widely distributed across Australia.

Di-Bak Parkinsonia 1000 capsules (plug included)


Di-Bak Parkinsonia 200 capsules


Application Equipment

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Injecta 400 stem injection applicator


Injecta 800 stem injection applicator


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