The BHA Team

The BHA team fosters a culture of innovation and excellence founded on the premise that effectively applying research to real-world situations is the pinnacle of success. With cross-functional expertise in commerce, engagement, research, development and manufacturing each member brings a depth and breadth of skills – not to mention a sense of purpose that goes beyond the bottom line. Above all the BHA team embraces diversity, encourages opportunity and strives for solutions.

Peter Riikonen
Peter Riikonen
Managing Director / CEO Board Member

Experience: Peter has 30-plus years in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with a particular interest in investing in innovative ideas for biotechnological applications.

For the past 20 years Peter has held various executive roles in sizeable pharmaceutical organisations, managing all aspects of the product life cycle from inception, through to development, operations and distribution to the customer.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineering).

Belief: By tapping into the knowledge of dedicated team players and clients we make smart – and right – decisions.

Aspiration: To transform a number of innovative biological research outcomes into industrial agricultural solutions of lasting benefit.

Stephen Denaro
Stephen Denaro
Company Secretary

Experience: A pivotal player in national and international mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, accountancy and financial services, Stephen understands the intricate operations required for successful ASX listed and unlisted companies.

His particular expertise in Corporate Governance has given him insight into realising commercial opportunities well beyond the technical applications.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Accountancy). Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance.

Belief: That the complex, and often obscure, details when woven together result in outcomes far bigger than envisaged and become a model for success.

Aspiration: To build a strong financial base and diverse market penetration to guarantee BHA continued viability and growth.

Terry Woodcraft
Terry Woodcroft
Board Chair Director

Experience: With more than 25 years of international management experience, Terry has led businesses from concept formulation through to market entry and profitability.

Terry’s passion for Asset Management added to her expertise in start-up technology companies give her a leading edge in delivering company profits and returns for stakeholders.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

Belief: Collaboration and effective planning achieve mutually beneficial milestones and deliver results above and beyond expectations.

Aspiration: To nurture passion and business acumen within BHA and the wider industry to take BHA’s innovations to the global marketplace.

Dr Vic Galea
Associate Professor Vic Galea
Head of Science and Development

Experience: With more than 30 years’ national and international experience in research and lecturing, Vic has specialised in beneficial fungi and diseases of vegetables, fruit, field crops and native plants.

Vic’s interest and enterprise in plant pathology have led to numerous research projects and discoveries in the fields of horticultural crops, the management of plant disease using biological methods through to his current large-scale research into the development of effective bioherbicides.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science with Honours. Doctor of Philosophy (Plant Pathology).

Belief: Sustainable and environmentally effective solutions in nature will enhance agricultural productivity – and sharing these research outcomes with those that benefit is a key driver for success.

Aspiration: To create extraordinary opportunities for BHA and our clients through partnering, networking, shared goals and ground-breaking results.

WW Profile Image
Dr Wendy Williams
Head of Product Development - Land Rehabilitation

Experience: A high achieving, motivated and strategic researcher, Wendy has over 10 years of practical and professional experience in soil conservation and rangeland ecology. Wendy has local and international training with a focus on Queensland’s dryland production systems including the northern savannah. Her experience and disciplines include soil carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycling, net ecosystem productivity and, the use of indigenous microbes for land restoration.

Wendy’s research, published in well-respected international journals, is focused on the science underpinning functional landscapes and productivity benefits. Wendy is currently working on a user-friendly visual system for interactive management of soil and landscape function.

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture); Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours Class 1); Certificate in Landscape Function Analysis (CSIRO)

Belief: Science-based multi-disciplinary collaborations internationally and nationally combined with problem solving and risk management deliver exceptional results in landscape function and productivity.

Aspiration: To establish microbial technology for state-of-the-art ecologically-safe soil conservation, land rehabilitation and long-term productivity benefits.

Ken Goulter
Dr Ken Goulter
Head of Product Development and Operations

Experience: Growing up on a farm, Ken has developed a deep knowledge of the life of plants – from diseases of the sunflower through to engineering crops for disease resistance and sugarcane biotechnology.

He has particular expertise in microbiological applications, protein biochemistry, molecular methodologies for isolating encoding genes and, more recently, in the area of bioherbicides for agricultural pest management.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Environmental Resource Management. Masters of Science and Biopharmaceuticals. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Pathology.

Belief: Harnessing the natural ability of microorganisms can transform the way we deliver better solutions for agricultural management.

Aspiration: To develop practical solutions and delivery mechanisms for safer, smarter and more sustainable management practices for the agricultural industry.