BioHerbicides Australia (BHA) understands the challenges faced by the agricultural industry and maximizing the productivity of available land. Through innovation, we deliver biological and chemical herbicide solutions to improve land utilisation by controlling invasive weeds and unwanted trees.

We will continue to pave the way for effective and environmentally responsible solutions through engagement and transformative technology.

Our Vision

To lead the market in developing biocontrol solutions that through their proven efficacy, improve the health and wellbeing of Australian agricultural land.

Our Mission

To discover, develop and market acceptable and viable biocontrol solutions for agricultural applications.


BHA is developing innovative biological solutions in the fields of weed management (bioherbicides) and the targeted delivery of existing and new chemical herbicide combinations (through a unique delivery mechanism using encapsulated herbicides injected directly to the tree stem). 
BHA has established its operations at Gatton Queensland, adjacent to the University of Queensland Agricultural Research Facilities (visit their website). 
Strategic collaboration with the UQ Gatton School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and ongoing biological research will provide BHA with continued product development opportunities. 
BHA’s solutions have been designed to integrate with, complement or stand-alone from current agricultural management strategies. 
Product status: 
Bioherbicide products– undergoing Agricultural Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) registration. Expressions of interest for trial sites are being sought.
Unique chemical herbicide products – BHA has already developed a novel “drill and fill” delivery mechanism for individual or multi-compound herbicides. Pre-packaged capsules can be inserted directly into the stem or tree trunk for efficient and targeted herbicide delivery into the weed itself.




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