Research and Development

BHA focuses on the development of microbial inoculum for large-scale projects including:

  • Land rehabilitation
  • Agricultural production
  • Grazing enterprises
  • Mine site rehabilitation

BHA’s research program is based on biologically sustainable practices that use soil microbes to produce designer biofertilisers that can thrive in the harsh Australian climate.

BHA partners with The University of Queensland and AgForce North in a long-term research project focused on biofertilisation. This project links up with a high calibre team that includes partnerships with international and locally experienced people and encompasses world class scientists (from UQ QLD, QAAFI, UNSW,  Germany, USA, India, China and the Czech Republic), as well as community and government stakeholders (QLD farmers and land managers, AgForce QLD, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Queensland Herbarium, DSITIA).

Large scale algal production for biofuels and food drives the innovation behind similar ventures for biofertilisers created from indigenous soil microbes.

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