From its production plant at Gatton, BHA manufactures and packages the following products:

  • Bioherbicide (Parkinsonia Di-Bak) capsules;
  • Di-Bak G (700g/kg GLYPHOSATE present as the mono-ammonium salt in a capsule dose – 350mg per capsule);
  • Di-Bak H (750g/kg HEXAZINONE in a capsule doseĀ  – 350mg per capsule); and
  • Di-Bak M (600g/kg METSULFURON METHYL in a capsule doseĀ  – 330mg per capsule).

These are available for delivery throughout Australia. Orders will be accepted online and via phone. Please fill in the form below to express your interest in purchasing one or a combination of products.

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